Sunday, April 09, 2006

Further evidence that I need to learn Korean asap

I accidentally deleted this blog earlier today. (Blogger has no English option here.)

And, my laptop's A/C power adaptor died yesterday. So what this all means is that our little travel blog will be somewhat lamed up for the next... oh, I dunno... month or so?


In the meantime, if you're curious about the "typical" life of an ex-pat in Korea*, take a peek at The Ulsan Pear.

And please feel free to send care packages and your spare 2003-vintage Mac 12" Power Book AC cords c/o Ulsan ECC, 3rd Floor Jongha Building 1632-17, Shinjung-dong, Nam-gu, Republic of Korea 680-012.

Love and hugs to our friends and family,

*which does not quite represent our lives, but hey.


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