Sunday, April 16, 2006

Reconstruction of the Fables

We realize we should attempt to repost a lot of what used to be on here pre-deletion, but in true digital culture fashion, we really just can't be bothered right now. So here is an update of what we've been up to instead. 'Cause you know, we're sooo about the now. Maybe in a future post we'll bring back some of our previous pics.

Last weekend Becka attended her first professional soccer game: the Ulsan Hyundai (Tigers) vs. The Seoul (Red Devils). Each team has a super-star player who will be heading off to the World Cup in a couple months, but she was more interested in another game happening at the stadium. K-Pop sensations SS501 were sitting to her right, watching the game (or rather, being directed by a small camera crew to look like they were watching the game). This meant that a crowd of tween-aged Korean girls to the left of her were watching SS501 watch the game.
Final score - fans: 1, soccer: 0


L to R: Julie, Leena, and Ryan sitting down, and Eddy sitting on the table.

Becka, with Cat Harry and Rabbit Anna.

Ryan and Eddy's birthday party.

Professor Jim, preparing for class.

Work continues to be a hoot, for the most part. Although the days are still often long ones, they're getting easier as we become more familiar with the curriculum and the students. The youngest kindergarteners seem to love dancing to The Ramones, the seven- and eight- year olds will do anything for a sticker or a lollipop, the 10-year olds only ever want to play games on boy vs. girl teams, and the 13 year-olds pretend to feel nothing about anything, because expressing one's self at 13 is just NOT COOL.

So, yesterday we ventured out of Ulsan for the first time since arriving. Where better to go, than one hour north to Gyeonju - capital of the Silla Kingdom (a thousand-year dynasty often credited with being the first unifying force of the Korean peninsula), and site of very, very old Buddhist temples (after the Sillas, before us). In fact, Gyeongju is one of the 10 most important places on Earth in terms of cultural artifacts (according to UNESCO).

So, what is the best way to experience such cultural richness?



Blogger The Barckoopers said...

Jim Here,
I think I understand the Ulsan scooter people better now. There's really nothing quite like experiencing the feel of the breeze through your hair(or loosely worn helmet) and the look of terror in pedestrians eyes.

11:43 AM GMT+9  
Blogger Evil Robot Boy said...

Awww, you guys look great! That big warm smile of Becka's! That adorable professorial aesthetic of Jim's!


ps--always wear a helmet!

10:44 PM GMT+9  

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