Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Holidays, part 1.

You may think we didn't have a lot of Christmas action in these parts. Not so! At least, not so in ESL school-land, or in chi-chi department store land. In fact, after reviewing all our snaps and footage - we had lots of holidaying. LOTS. And we're pretty pooped and ready for a normal and (relatively) uneventful January. First video: Jim jams with the kids, plays Santa, and we do a little celebrating with our co-workers at the Christmas party. Just a string of clips, relatively unedited.

Next! The big Christmas present-opening phone conference with my folks in Florida. Mom and Dad, thought you'd appreciate this. Almost two minutes of video in its most pure, raw form.

Finally: aside from hoping for some nice charitable donations this year, we were really hoping someone out there would send us some of our favourite poison. Our wish totally came true. I think we've figured out why Korea Post was a little suspicious that we might be starting up a coffee shop.

Next post: the Christmas trip, and New Year's pyromania.


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