Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How we spent our anniversary (kind of but not really)

These pictures are actually from October 2nd, the last day of work before a week-long break for Chuseok, which is possibly Korea's biggest holiday. Jim and I got to dress up in hanbok, the traditional Korean garment, often broken out for paying respects to ancestors at Chuseok. Then we got to teach the kids how to properly bow. While wearing the outfits. In English.

A whole whack of picture proof!

Getting suited up by one of my the students.

Jim rocking the pink and purple.

I taught the girls how to bow. Females are required to cross their right foot over their left, and place their right hand over their left - elbows raised, then sink down into a cross-legged position, then bow their heads down to the ground. Then stand up from that position, while keeping hands/arms in their position. Riiight.

The men's bow, of course, is about a thousand times easier.

We like posing with kids because they make us look good. :)


Blogger Evil Robot Boy said...

A belated happy anniversary! Two years! Woo! I would have made note of it yesterday, but I was driving from Montreal to Halifax in one day.

Coincidentally--due to an accident and traffic jam on Hwy 2 near Woodstock which resulted in a detour through town--we drove right by the Barker's house on our trip. Then we got hella cheap gas at the Maliseet station. Woot.

2:04 AM GMT+9  
Blogger The Barckoopers said...

Hey, that's my favourite gas station!

Looking forward to hearing more about your trip to Montreal.

8:51 AM GMT+9  

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