Saturday, April 29, 2006

Third Session Coming Up

Jim here,

We've been experiencing some fine weather, but we know it's going to turn stifling soon. I've been a little tired due to the long days. I've been working an average of 10 hours a day. These are not intense days, just drawn out. My voice is always a little hoarse at the end of the day. The air is a little strange, and I've been feeling woosey for the better part of a month. Bugs are promiscuous, jumping from teacher to student to student to teacher to teacher(repeat). I've been eating lots of

We've ventured out to new places in the city, and we're realizing more and more that we can get around, feed ourselves, and generally fend for ourselves quite nicely in this town. All this comes after about two months of pretty much exclusive travel between school and the apartment. All our other travels have been by the side of our new found friends. What great folks we have around us, so obliging and helpful. They've given us so much help. However, it's nice to know we can venture out and easily find our way back from unfamiliar areas.

I've been given the use of a guitar since I wasn't able to bring my own. One of the teachers we work with, Heather, has graciously provided me with a guitar. It's been so nice to be able to play. As soon as I can get a case for it, I'll start hauling it about town. I've been thinking about putting together a show at a "foreigner" bar. I don't know how it'll go over, but I may as well try. I'd like to do original material, but I was also thinking of doing a set of neil young songs, we'll see. Maybe it's time to develop my "Neil the Bruce, Pink Farmer Guitar Doodlery".

I'm getting a bit tired of the PC room, I need to get a computer and an internet hookup. Maybe Becka and I can get a discount if we buy two. Her mac is having annoying power troubles. I think a portable lappy is the way to go. We need a new digital camera as well, one that works with any computer that is not a mac, fine camera that it is otherwise.

I love it here but am feeling a bit homesick, I miss my buds and family, and I miss the country. Maybe there's a country retreat where I can go.

Hope all is well wherever you are.


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