Thursday, May 18, 2006


We're sorry for not having invited you in sooner - it's taken us awhile to get settled. The decorating's still a little spartan, but hopefully that'll change over the next few months. Anyway, we're only five stories up, if you're feeling too impatient to wait for the annoying elevator. Just go to apartment 502. Door should be open...

Here's Jim to greet you! Peeking his head out of his personal conservatory...
(ok, so it's really just a sparse spare bedroom with a borrowed guitar in it.)

Anyway, past Jim's play room - straight ahead - is our living room. Let's walk to the back of the room, by the sliding balcony doors, and turn 180 degrees, shall we?

From here, you can see our entryway to the right, and to the left is our tiny galley kitchen. Let's go into the kitchen now and turn back around to face the living room again:

What's that? Where's our bedroom? Oh, well, do you remember seeing another room behind Jim's head? Back when we were first coming in? Yeah, that one. That's the bedroom. Straight ahead is the bed...

...and a little to the right is the dresser...

...and if we go over to the window and turn around toward the bedroom door, we can see my studio (such as it is!).

Oh, and before we go back into the living room, stick your head outside the bedroom window for a sec. There's the balcony! (You can also get to it from the sliding glass doors in the living room, of course.)

And it faces south. Nice!

Now, we haven't shown you the bathroom, or the weird little closet where our washing machine is (and no, we're still not over the fact that we have our own washing machine). Those rooms were either too dark or too oddly-placed to get decent snaps to show you this time. And the bathroom really isn't that interesting anyway - it's not one of those exciting "traditional" Korean bathrooms that's really just a giant shower stall with a toilet. Nope, it's the same kind of bathroom we had in Halifax - minus the clawfoot tub and plus a drain in the floor (which sure makes it easy to clean).

But do come back over for coffee sometime!


Blogger Evil Robot Boy said...

Do you have two refrigerators in that place? That's confusing.

Glad to see you're settling in!

2:29 AM GMT+9  
Blogger The Barckoopers said...

Yep. And the special irony is that we rarely do any cooking. I'm happy to report that the extra fridge hasn't disoriented us too much, though.

9:42 PM GMT+9  
Blogger Amanda Barker said...

You said you're apartment looked like mine in is about a million times nicer than mine could ever have hoped to be.

2:23 PM GMT+9  
Blogger Amanda Barker said...

ps.i enjoy the "come and knock on our door, we'll be waiting for you" tone of this post. In other news, I made my own pesto today. and i love the parisian cafeness of your balcony thing, ours was just soot and clothes drying in the soot.

2:26 PM GMT+9  

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