Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jim's First Love Note from a Student

gym teacher Hi?

my name is *** and English name Amy. When seeing the fromer teacher initially; too much mes it was. The teacher the features ppun with the teacher to us study to teach quite together enviable oh the truth teacher us anti - it comes and it congratulates and it thanks the features which finishes the next best to the drill the bedspread. Also the teacher the family plentifully report sip cyo. It goes toward un jen between Canada and the families are delighted and rang play and laugh the teacher to be healthy, every day with the features which dawns us they meet. Our moveing uss who will make a noise compared to the case apple it will admit to the bedspread. It is like that, good-bye.

I LOVE YOU Teacher

(Oh Google translator! You have a long way to go before you're no longer a Beta version for Korean translation! - Becka)


Blogger Jade said...

I sure wish bedspreads were featured in more of *my* love letters. Unfortunately only half so far.

5:30 AM GMT+9  

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