Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Home Tour

I know I've been ridiculously slow in getting pics of our (now, not so) new apartment up. My first excuse was that it took a couple months for the university to renovate it for us (yeah, I know, boo-frickin-hoo). But after that happened, my excuse was that it wasn't quite picture-ready, somehow. Then I was too busy doing studio stuff. Then I abandoned the blog to play on Facebook. Then we were too busy traveling around eastern Canada. Then we were too busy with camp, saying goodbye to old colleagues and hello to new ones, and getting into the new school term. Then we just forgot about doing it.

But this weekend, some fall cleaning/nesting urges inspired me to finally give you the tour. So! Welcome to our home in Asan. If you want to see any of the pictures larger, just click on them.

(October 9, 2007)

So here you see the front door on the middle-ish left. To the left of that is our kitchen (where Jim's making his Sunday morning coffee) and on the right is the living room (well, duh). This space is about half of the total size of the apartment. Overall, it's 5 pyong bigger than our last one... which means it's about 720 sq. ft.

Same area, from the opposite wall. Yes, I know the living room is generally not where you put a chest of drawers. But whatever. We've been thinking of moving it and getting a proper TV stand, but we watch TV so rarely, it's just never a priority. But now that I'm shaming myself by exposing bad furniture arrangements on our blog, maybe I'll get it done. Maybe.

Another shot of the living room, featuring more of what's to the right of the front door. We're working on making the front balcony a cozier space for reading, relaxing, etc. As you can tell, the view out this front window ain't that stunning (hi, neighbours!), but it is fun to watch the kids playing in the park (and it's scary to watch them playing in the parking lot, but I digress). Here's a better shot of this little nook:

And here's a better shot of the kitchen area. A pretty decent size, by Korean standards. You can sorta see on the left that we also have a back balcony - but it's set up to be more of a utility area. Observe:

I'm not sure why the building was designed the way it was - with the floor-to-ceiling windows facing the other buildings... because THIS is the view out of the utility balcony's (much smaller) window:

Anyway, I can't really complain. Seeing as it's a free apartment and all. :)

So, onto the other half of the place. Warning: it's pretty crowded and a little untidy (how else would you figure we keep the living room so nice and spacious-looking?!).


...we have another balcony/storage area off this room. Not pictured, because it's just a pile of boxes and luggage.

Bathroom (it's very green!):

and beyond (aka the workroom/spare bedroom, though I've omitted the 'spare bed' part because it's got stuff pile on it at the moment):

You can sorta see how the window at the end of this room connects with the front balcony, where all the plants are.

...and that's about it!


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great apartment! The view out of the utility room's balcony is amazing!

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