Sunday, March 18, 2007

The View From Here

OK, so our apartment is still way too ugly to show you... but the good news is, it looks like the university will be footing the bill to have it re-wallpapered. So, fingers crossed, it won't be too long until we can show you images of the interior. Until then, here's a little quickie panorama of the view outside our back balcony.

(Click the picture to enlarge it.)

This view is looking west-northwest. You can see our village (Shingchang). The university is further off to the left, out of the frame. Straight ahead in the distance is a farm, a reservoir, and some mountains. If you could see through the mountains, you'd see Asan Bay, which connects us to the West Sea. On the other side of the West Sea is China.

The main "hub" town of this area is Onyang, which is a 15-minute drive north of here. Onyang+Shinchang+surrounding villages = Asan. Sorta like how HRM=Halifax+Dartmouth+Hubbards+Eastern Shore. Only not.

About 20 minutes east of that is the high-speed rail station, which can take us north to Seoul. From Seoul, we can get on a plane and go east-northeast. And that's how we'll get home in June/July!


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