Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup! Fighting Korea! We are Twelfth!

You can't escape it. Red is everywhere. With only one game left to go in the first round (against Switzerland), it feels like the entire country is on pins and needles.

Exhibit A: The official songs.

Psy's "We Are the One"

Buzz's "Reds Go Together"

Exhibit B: The official dance.

(Mom, note the liberal use of jazz square!)

Exhibit C: The sand animation "trailer'

Exhibit D: The attire.

Exhibit E: The kindergarteners at breaktime.

Exhibit F: The reaction in Seoul when Korea won its first match, 2:1 against Togo.

And no, we were not completely immune. Here we are at a local "foreigner" bar, Benchwarmers, taking in the game with the only locals who did not cram themselves into Munsu Stadium with the rest of Ulsan.

Jim with Nova Scotian bar owner, Troy:

Reaction after Korea's first goal - scored by a fella from Ulsan, no less!

As for that upcoming final Group G game against Switzerland? The party starts at 4am Saturday morning, local time here.


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