Tuesday, July 04, 2006

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Well, the fever pitch sure died down about two hours after this photo was taken. At about 4am local time, two Saturdays ago, Jim and I decided to head over to our neighbourhood's 24-hour hae-jung-guk restaurant to take in what wound up being Korea's last World Cup appearance (against Switzerland):

Ah well, it was fun while it lasted!

Other updates:

1.) It's supposed to be the "rainy season" now. While we've seen some threatening skies, we've yet to have more than two rain showers. But I'm prepared.

2.) We're watching more Korean TV. Among Jim's favourite channels are the 24-hour "padouk" channel...

...and the 24-hour math/science channel. Today's feature: organic chemistry!

3.) Our bathroom has undergone a renovation of sorts - due to a neighbour's problem with leaking water, our bathtub was extracted a couple weekends ago. While I can't find a pic of our bathroom as it originally was, you can easily picture where our tub had been, in this picture:

What we have now is a more "Korean" version of the bathroom - with an open shower and no tub!

4.) It's getting incrementally hotter and more humid every day - the average temp is usually between 30 and 35 Celcius. Surprisingly, we're both dealing with this pretty well. Enjoying some new flowers and such.

Summertime also seems to bring out what I like to call the "babypods".

5.) Finally, new pics of some kids.

This one's a sort of "enrichment" type of class - they do different projects to with an aim to improve their conversation skills. Last week, they made their first newspaper (ok, ok, so it was really a folded pamphlet that was made on my computer using QuarkXpress), featuring stories on - what else? - World Cup!

And here's a shot of our kindergarteners on their last fieldtrip, to see a short play about how fun it is to learn English.

Next time, we'll tell you about our vacation travel plans, which may or may not include seeing Franz Ferdinand in Seoul.
Happy Canada Day a little late to our loved ones in the northernmost part of North America, and happy Fourth of July to our loved ones in the USA. And happy you-know-what day to you, Paul and Helen. :)


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